Walk 2: Contemporary Architecture

Paris is internationally admired for its uniform, strictly controlled architecture, but this walk takes you away from this neo-classical model to areas where an interesting and varied selection of buildings has been allowed to develop.

This walk concentrates on two of these areas, taking you away from the comforting, unchallenging forms of Haussmannian Paris. These riverside districts have been in permanent mutation for the past 30 years, and represent zones where new and daring structures are springing from the ground. Previously given over to industry, these areas are today seeing regeneration towards new uses and are providing a whole new focal point for Paris. Featuring not only architecture in a traditional sense but also parks, bridges, boats, galleries, shops and libraries, this is a walk which offers you many opportunities to pop in and pop out at your own leisure - or you can choose just one location and simply relax and admire the rest!

Download the walk here.


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