Walk 3: Street Art - The Paris Cityscape as an Open-Air Gallery

Paris is home to some of the most important and influential artists working in the genre, and this walk shows you where you'll find their creations on the streets of Menilmontant and Belleville.

A street art walking tour is not a simple thing to produce because of the ephemeral nature of many creations. However, the places chosen on this walk are guaranteed to always have something to see, even if it changes every few days.  
The walk focuses on just one part of the city; the streets around Menilmontant and Belleville. Street art is only one aspect of this fascinating part of the city, and the walk highlights and explains many other points of interest.

Download the walk here.


  1. i can't download it for free :( do i need to pay?

  2. It should be free, but you may need to log in to Scribd. If you do still have problems, contact me (adam(@)invisibleparis(dot)net).

  3. Adam - did your walk early December 2013 and really loved your suggestions - I lived in this district of Paris in the late 1990s and return every year. Some of the street art you refer to I have photographed on previous ocassions but during my trip in December 2013 it looks like La Kommune has been replaced by new housing. If you wish you can take a look at my website www.le-flaneur.co.uk - take a look at the series les murs de paris encore

  4. Easily the coolest walk I completed in the entire France of early 2014! Thanks a million for designing the route, now must return to Paris for the other tours.